Broken Before


Announcing ‘Broken Before’, an elegant and sophisticated record, and the best in Kempston’s considerable oeuvre to date.  This is songwriting at its very best, elegiac poetic images of well-drawn characters telling timeless, resonant stories allied with Kempston’s distinctive, virtuosic acoustic guitar work and augmented with the cream of Scottish folk music talent.



  1. Run With You Darling
  2. He Remembers You
  3. Broken Before
  4. Love Her Still
  5. Your Breaking Heart
  6. What Goes On Inside
  7. I Won’t Take This Chance Again
  8. Time Now To Go
  9. A Lucky Charm
  10. Who Took Ivan’s Soul?
  11. The Winter Chimes of Romainmôtier
  12. Mohammad’s Story


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