Moonrise Over Mostar




Moonrise Over Mostar, my first ever collection of original pieces for the classical guitar.  Recorded at home during a time when musicians could not perform, these are compositions from the heart I feel impossibly close to, and in many ways my saviour during the most difficult days I have known as a musician. Hopefully this is reflected in the final performances and that you enjoy listening to them as much as I have enjoyed creating them

  1. El Espiritu Del Viajero
  2. Moonrise Over Mostar
  3. Oradean Odyssey
  4. Tblisi Nocturne
  5. Passivity, Pensivity
  6. Cautious Yet Capricious
  7. After The Betrayal
  8. Rhineland Ruminations
  9. Transylvanian Express
  10. Adaira Awakes
  11. Mayan Musings
  12. Sunrise Over Sarajevo
Simon Kempston – Classical Guitar
All music composed by Simon Kempston


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