This is just a short note to thank Maurice Golden MSP for recommending my video ‘A City Beautiful’ to the Scottish Parliament in his speech backing Dundee’s bid to be the European City of Culture in 2023.

This is the one – here, edited and filmed by Simon P Biggs.

More soon….

SK x

Hello All,

Blog readers, thank you for bearing with me as I continually break my monthly promise to update you on all my latest activities. I shall not attempt to make any further promises as this will only lead to more disappointment on both my and your part.

The long-awaited guitar instrumental album ‘Onwards She Travels’ has been mastered, and the artwork is currently in development. I anticipate that this shall be ready at the earliest for my Canadian tour, and if not then in October. Unlike the previous guitar instrumental albums ‘Estranged’ and ‘The Loss of an Unknown’, this shall be receiving a full release, I’m now hoping that there is sufficient demand out there to justify the ambition I’ve shown for this oeuvre of my work!

For a guitarist, the search for a new instrument can often be a fruitless one. Especially once you have spent years developing your own style and approach to the instrument. On a return from a tour in December 2015 as an early Christmas present to myself I met with renowned Scottish guitar luthier Rory Dowling to discuss the possibility of making an instrument to my own personal specifications. After two in-depth and fascinating consultations we reached an agreement on how the instrument was going to look, and more importantly sound, and now, I am finally the proud owner of a custom-made Taran Tirga Beag guitar, a picture of which can be seen here Guitar enthusiasts reading this, please take the time to look at Rory’s site here, you will not be disappointed. And keep an eye out for my new pride and joy at my upcoming shows!

After two months of hard touring across the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Estonia and England I’m now back in my native Scotland about to perform 26 straight nights at the Fringe. For those you who have seen me before, the show is much-changed with many songs from the new album, previewing material from the new instrumental album and of course, a new guitar – ;-). Tickets are available to purchase here

And the day after the Festival finishes I shall fly to Canada to tour over there, no rest for the wicked, but I can’t wait to get back to one of my favourite parts of the world. The dates are listed on my gigs page.

Oh, and lest you were worried, I shall be in the studio soon with songs almost ready for the next album, it’s good to be busy – ;-).

Thanks for reading, more soon, I promise.

SK s

Hello All,

Really enjoying the year of touring so far, and the reception that you’ve all given to ‘Vanishing Act’ has been very much appreciated.

I’m just back from a wonderful show in Shropshire in a beautiful town called Bishop’s Castle on the eve of my annual TradFest show at the Royal Oak.

A busy year lies ahead once more with highlights including a visit to Estonia and Finland in June and a return to my beloved Canada in September.

I’m writing songs in earnest for the next album and hope to be in the studio over the summer working on my next recording. Final masters are also being reviewed for a new instrumental suite of acoustic guitar pieces, this will be released in time for the summer.

A life in song flies by but it’s one incredible adventure.

Hope to see you all on the road soon.

SK x

Hello all,

Thanking you for the reaction to my new album ‘Vanishing Act’, I’ve been delighted by how it’s been received by critics and listeners alike. Last week there was a brilliant review in The Herald which you can read here.

Furthermore, as many of you have been asking, some even demanding, I have finally managed to release most of my material, six albums including the recently released ‘Vanishing Act’, and the instrumental album ‘Estranged’ on iTunes. These can all be found here and also on Amazon.

My gig dates are changing all the time but I can confirm I shall definitely be appearing in Scotland, England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Finland, Estonia and Canada this year.

Thanks, as always, for reading, more from me in due course.

SK x

Hello all,

I’m proud, privileged and delighted to share with you all on this cold January day my latest album ‘Vanishing Act’.

It is without doubt my most complete album to date, and I do hope that those of you who take the time to purchase a copy, and listen to the album, agree.

The album is available to purchase from this website, and in due course, shall also be available on iTunes etc.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you all soon.

SK x

Copies of my brand new album ‘Vanishing Act’ will be available at selected upcoming 2016 shows. The album was produced by Ian McCalman and in addition to myself, also features Adam Sutherland on fiddle, Bob Miller on double bass and William Archibald on percussion.

A full release is scheduled for January the 16th 2017, and a pre-order facility will be available on the website before that.

Exciting times, as always!! A Happy St Andrew’s Day to everyone from Rotterdam – :-).

SK x

Hello All,

Just to let my Canadian friends and followers know that I shall be on Global TV as part of their morning news programme from Regina.

There is a link here, you do need to subscribe to view, but it is free to join, enjoy!

I’m unsure whether the content will be available to view ‘live’ outside of Canada but there will be a link posted soon afterwards.

SK x

Heya folks,

I’m conscious I don’t check in here nearly as much as I should, and I will, of course, endeavour to do so more in the future.

I’m enjoying a period of seven weeks straight in my beloved Edinburgh, though this is not nearly as relaxing as I’ve initially made it sound. The Edinburgh Festival starts again tomorrow, and once again I shall be performing daily at the Royal Oak from between 1700 – 1800, tickets are available here.

My forthcoming album, recorded and produced once again by Ian McCalman is about to be mastered, whilst I’ve also been busy filming another video with Simon P Biggs. I have also squeezed in the time to record another album of instrumentals, a follow up to Estranged.

More extensive news on all these projects shall be coming soon, I assure you. For now, should you find yourselves in Edinburgh during the month of August, I’d be delighted if you would take the time to join me in the Royal Oak.

They shall represent the last Scottish concerts of 2016 for me, before I depart for Canada, Ireland, England, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium & Switzerland to round the year off.

Thanks, as always, for reading, and I hope to see you some of you soon.

Very best wishes,

SK x