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Hello Readers,

It’s been a while for which I do apologise, but I promise to be back with a vengeance from now on, I can’t promise a weekly or fortnightly blog, but what I can assure you is the monthly blog will be back as an absolute minimum, and there may even be more content than that, so please stay tuned and keep visiting the site.

As I write, regrettably, the road remains closed – I’m currently in the process of rearranging the fifteenth month of cancelled shows, some shows of which are being rescheduled for the third or fourth time. Germany has closed its borders to all travellers from the UK due to concerns over the Indian variant of coronavirus and with the bulk of my summer activity being based in Germany I foresee a bleak one ahead unless these restrictions are relaxed. I watch on with envy as my peers with scheduled dates in England return to work, the only tour I can confirm with any certainty is my Portugal tour in September as safe passage is currently assured between both our countries at present. If you wish to help a beleaguered troubadour in the meantime, please consider treating yourself to a copy of my latest album ‘Hand On My Heart here.

The title track was very kindly played by the good people at Travelling Folk recently on BBC Radio Scotland, you can have a listen to the show here, I feature around 53.30 in, and am in fine company on the playlist. You can also watch the video here and if you do, and haven’t already, please subscribe to my YouTube Channel here, your support would be very much appreciated.

Lastly, after much deliberation and consideration, I have decided to remove all of my material from all streaming sites such as Spotify. Whilst this may be against the current zeitgeist, I am strongly of the volition that music should be consumed in a physical format, as an album, complete with artwork, lyrics and liner notes, to be played on a CD or record player as desired, to give the listener a full immersive experience as the artist intended the music to be heard. Over and above this, I do not believe streaming provides a suitable or fair financial model for independent artists such as myself.

I do, of course, understand that not everyone agrees with me, and the pressures of a modern lifestyle may mean the collection of physical albums may not be appropriate for every individual – to this extent I intend to make my back catalogue available on Bandcamp, for sale as downloads. The first two titles are already up and running, and you can listen and buy at your leisure here and at the very least, please do give me a follow to be notified of future releases. Over the course of the ensuing months I intend to make all of my back catalogue will be available as paid downloads via Bandcamp whilst physical merchandise will remain available from my website.

My alter ego Man Gone Missing has two albums available on a separate Bandcamp page here – again, please follow the page and listen and buy as you wish, your support is very much appreciated.

As always, thanks for reading, and more from me as soon as I know when my first confirmed tour dates will be – please keep checking in as dates are being scheduled and rescheduled all the time.

Fingers crossed for a return to live performance at some point over the summer.

Stay safe and healthy folks.

SK x


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  1. What is the exchange if I would like your new album? Let me know and know that we support your decision and think of you often! Stay healthy and safe!

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