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My latest release is available here, In Gratitude of Solitude, a four part suite for solo guitar, my most ambitious instrumental work to date.  It has been a challenge to restrict myself to excerpts within the confines of a typical singer-songwriter performance, to that end I would welcome any opportunities to present the suite in its entirety.  Please direct all enquires to me here.

In other news, the all-consuming and rampaging beast of global capitalism leaves no corner of the earth unturned as it wages war upon the Arts, it seems. I wish my wonderful friends in Uzbekistan well as they battle to preserve this vital cultural institution, the plight of which was recently highlighted in this recent Guardian article.  As I’ve testified in this blog and on my various social media outlets, my own concert there was an incredible experience, and I very much hope to grace the stage there again in the future.

Further catastrophic news for the arts emerged from Downing Street yesterday, with this announcement.  A trepidatious wait now ensues for this particular Scottish musician, as well as many others from the island, for the announcement of the reciprocal arrangements for Scottish and UK artists wishing to tour the EU.

In more personal news, work on my latest album of songs is continuing apace, I have finished all my parts and now await time and sessions with the other musicians who will feature.  You can chart our progress on all social media sites, I am a fairly inexperienced user on both Twitter and Instagram so please follow me and say hello on both – I blame the guitar myself, I spend far too much time picking it and not enough time on social media!

Hope to see you all on the road somewhere soon, many thanks for reading, as always.

SK x

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