In Gratitude of Solitude – The New Instrumental Album Available Now.

Hello All,

A new decade, a new year, a new tour and a new album.  I’m delighted to announce that my brand new instrumental guitar suite for solo acoustic guitar ‘In Gratitude of Solitude’ is released today.  It is my most ambitious instrumental work to date, and I would be delighted if you wonderful visitors to my website would join me on this musical journey.

Copies of the album will now be available at my all upcoming shows, and of course, from my website here.  There are no plans to release this in digital form, whether on Spotify or otherwise in the near future, this shall be a strictly hard copy release only.

The liner notes read as follows, I do not wish to reveal too much more as I would very much hope that the music will speak for itself, as it should:

‘This suite for solo guitar is a culmination of a lifetime’s obsession with and devotion to the acoustic guitar, and was written in isolation in various locations during the course of 2018. Musically, and conceptually, it aims to expand upon and explore further the themes of ‘Onwards She Travels’, albeit with a more reflective and introspective focus.’

Thanks, as always, for reading, and I hope to meet you further on up the road.

SK x

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