Forever Take The Blame – New Music Video. Five Years. David Bowie.

Five years to the day since the passing of David Bowie – awaking to the news which was imparted to me by a friend to whom I’d introduced his music was absolutely devastating, very peculiar given that Bowie was not someone I had never met, but perhaps this alone shows how profound an impact his music had on me (with the benefit of hindsight that it should be a friend and now fellow Bowie devotee is incredibly apt as Bowie’s greatest gift to us all is that of his incredible musical legacy which should be shared amongst all those who do not already know his music).

I first encountered Bowie’s music at school when a different friend but a fellow music obsessive  introduced me to his music, and it was without a shadow of a doubt, life-changing, it was unique, spellbinding and transported me into a completely different world, one which I did not wish to leave.  Through a shared love and appreciation of Bowie’s music it was with that very friend that I took my first tentative steps in music, writing and sharing songs with each other before forming a band that we would take to London.  Thus the music of Bowie played a substantial part in sending me on my pathway to professional musicianship, and reflecting upon this after having crafted fourteen albums and counting of my own, I can now appreciate even more (as if that were possible) his utter and unrivalled genius as a writer, composer, singer, musician and artist.  In summary, the considerable impact his music had on me is impossible to underestimate

Others will write essays, articles and even books on Bowie in tribute, but I shall stop there – suffice to say my own tribute to him shall be releasing my new video, ‘Forever Take The Blame’ on YouTube on the fifth anniversary of his passing, which you can watch here.  I hope you enjoy the music, taken from my latest album ‘Hand On My Heart’, and if you do, as always, please do like and share.

Thanks Mr Bowie, and may your great music remain an inspiration to many, as it has always been to me.

SK x

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