Broken Before. Video for Onwards She Travels. End of Year News.

Hello All,

I am most pleased that the album I’ve been working on for a long time is now finally available to share with you. ‘Broken Before’, my latest creation, is here, and has led to a complete reworking of the live show, with almost all of the new songs being included, rare for me but a complete affirmation of my belief in the new material – the revolution is here! The album is available to purchase here, from the website and at all upcoming shows.

After an amazing but draining near seven week European tour, including two weeks with the wonderful fiddling talents of Robbie Greig, I am on a short break in Edinburgh before the final few shows of the year. Starting in France, the tour also took in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands – the reaction to the new album and the new songs has been nothing short of incredible, and it has been a privilege to share these new songs and stories with such fantastic and enthusiastic audiences.

There has been a lot of activity surrounding the instrumental guitar album ‘Onwards She Travels’ and I am thrilled that excerpts from the album have been used in the soundtrack for the upcoming Canadian short documentary film ‘Wild Tides’, about which you can read more here. It also features an older song of mine, ‘To The Wilderness’, from my 2009 debut album ‘Carefree Prisoner’ – anybody reading remember that song?!

A few autumnal days off in Berlin also provided me with the wonderful opportunity to record a couple of the pieces, namely ‘The Dance of Realisation’ and ‘Onwards She Travels’ on a Michael Batell 2015 Limbo Guitar, which can be viewed here.

The response to ‘Onwards She Travels’ coupled with the interesting opportunities this has generated means there will be more music in this vein to come, and soon.

Speaking of luthiers, the brilliant talent of Rory Dowling, creator of my stunning custom-built Taran Guitar, now has a players’ page, dedicated to my very good self, which you can view here. It describes the creative process which led to the beautiful instrument upon which I perform every night on tour.

For now, Onwards I Travel for the last time in 2018, to the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland for the final four concerts of the year. Next year is already taking shape, and looks like it will be my most exciting touring year yet!

Thanks, as always, for reading, and very best wishes as always.

SK x

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