2019. Broken Before. Ten Years a Recording Artist.

Hello there,

Welcome to my first blog post of 2019, and many thanks for reading. 2018 was a phenomenal year and reflecting back on it invokes a myriad of memories from the many and varied locations I have been.  The end of 2018 did not as many assume see me too tired to travel, but rather pine for travelling for travel’s sake and saw me visit the unique and stunning countries of Georgia and Azerbaijan.  The freedom of travelling without a guitar was incredibly liberating, and the experiences I enjoyed there will only serve to inspire the next burst of music which will, in time, flow from my pen.  Needless to say in both countries I managed to forge friendships with musicians which I hope will allow me to return in the future to give concerts in these wonderful places.

The New Year saw me venture north to the Scottish Highlands, where the beauty of the landscape does not diminish year on year, no matter how often I visit.  The majesty and magnificence of my homeland and in particular the Cairngorms where I have frequented since I was a child have long afforded me the tranquillity, solitude and inspiration where ideas can be forged and honed.  Indeed, it was in these very mountains that my recording career begain, as back in early 2008, when armed with nothing but a four track recorder and a microphone I recorded the demos for this album, eventually released under the pseudonym Man Gone Missing.

Which brings me neatly to my next point, this year I shall be doing everything a little differently as I celebrate the significant milestone of arriving as ten years as a recording artist.  It hardly seems plausible that it was as long ago as October 2009, that so many kind friends and followers descended upon The Lot (sadly no longer in existence!) for the album launch of Carefree Prisoner.  This just six months after the aforementioned Man Gone Missing album, I’m nothing if not prolific.

So please keep your eyes peeled here, all announcements will be made here first and then later on social media.

See you all on the road somewhere soon, I hope.

SK x

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