A New Album (and other ongoings)

Hello all,

I’ve had a busy start to the year, preparing and finalising the new album ‘Impasse’, which will be released in May. The album was recorded in two sessions, in Crichton Church, Crichton (I discovered its beautiful acoustics when performing there at my sister’s wedding!) and All Soul’s Church in Invergowrie, a church close to my family home which I’d used for recording in the past and had always been pleased with the results. The first session features Tom Merritt-Smith on cello and the second Fiona Cuthill on fiddle with Steven Carey at the production helm. They were all fantastic throughout and I can’t thank them enough – keep your eyes on this space for details of a launch night!

Earlier this month I had the privilege of peforming a short tour in the Netherlands, in Amsterdam upon the famous Mulligans stage before heading up to Zwolle to perform a couple of dates there. I was lucky enough to be staying with Patrick of the In de Kringloop sessions in Zwolle (www.indekringloop.nl), both him and his wife were excellent hosts and the whole experience in Zwolle was great. The house concert I performed in featured another two talented acts, The Information and Port of Call (Pieter van Vliet) and was a certain highlight (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAD5JVcZ73Y for my performance of ‘To The Wilderness’). Another great highlight were the In de Kringloop sessions themselves, for those of you unfamiliar with Dutch Culture, a ‘Kringloop’ is essentially a cavernous charity shop where one can purchase second hand goods of any type. As part of the In de Kringloop sessions acts select an area of the shop they like and perform a couple of their songs which are then edited into a video – so keep watching Patrick’s youtube channel for the latest updates!

I’m currently organising a return tour to Holland/Germany in May, as well as Slovakia in June, Ireland in July, Holland/Germany in September and a full European tour in October/November. There will be a host of Scottish and English dates too, so hopefully I’ll be performing somewhere near you – the gig listings change all the time so keep checking back.

All the best,

SK x

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