2021 SK Highlights x

Dear my beloved readers,

Ever the optimist, despite 2021 remaining an immensely challenging year for everyone in the music industry, it was undoubtedly better than 2020 (let’s look on the bright side!) – :-). I managed to perform 49 shows in 2021, more than twice what I managed in 2020, so despite cancellations reigning in on me in late November/Decemer, I am more optimistic than I have been at any time since February 2020. Many (and I mean many!) negative coronavirus tests saw me perform in six different European countries and I anticipate next year, for the first time since 2019 I shall perform again in my beloved Scotland and also my first intercontinental dates too, all being well. So without further ado, here are my 10 highlights of 2021:

1 – Releasing the video for my 2nd single from my current album ‘Hand On My Heart in early January which can be viewed here – (don’t forget to subscribe to the channel here please if you haven’t already!).

2 – Receiving a wonderful review from the Scotsman in late January for my current album ‘Hand On My Heart’ which you can read here – (one star more than the Foo Fighters – ;-)!).

3 – The moment in July when I stepped onto a stage for the first time in 2021 at the Aarup singer-songwriter Festival in Denmark. The rain was incessant yet the crowd were formidable – an unforgettable moment to treasure – :-).

4 – 14 shows in 14 days across Germany and Switzerland (the first time there since 2019!) in late August, early September – it was my first tour with public transport there for over half a decade, and everyone was so helpful and supportive as I navigated through the difficulty of the German train strikes. And the tour itself was amazing, so good to be back – :-)!

5 – My first tour in Portugal in 9 years in September, undoubtedly a very special moment indeed, packed with incredible moments which I shall long hold dear (picture below – see my Instagram also for more, follow me here!).

6 – A wonderful mini-tour of northern England in October taking in Sheffield, a favourite spot in the charming Doncaster Brewery and a beautiful new venue in stunning rural Northumberland, the Coquetdale Music Trust. Hope to be back in England more next year with my new show!

7 – My first Dutch show in two years and where better than the brilliant atmosphere of Meneer Frits in Eindhoven, thanks to all involved – :-).

8 – Filming and releasing the preview video for my forthcoming album of original classical guitar pieces which can be viewed here. Stunning camera work by Martin Forry and despite more incessant rain, a real privilege to film in one of Scotland’s great lost architectural treasures.

9 – My 11th annual European tour – although affected by the advance of Covid through the Winter months, many great concerts and nights were still had, and the kindness shown to me by many will long be remembered – :-).

10 – The long hours of practise and in the studio preparing for the next two releases – :-). That’s right, my wonderful friends and followers, you’ve read it here first, there shall be two releases coming next year in 2022, plenty of new music and a new show to present and rehearse. The wheel of creativity is always turning!

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to anyone who has attended a concert, purchased an album, subscribed to my YouTube Channel or Instagram Page, read my posts and website blogs and written supportive messages and comments. Once again the support has been truly humbling and overwhelming.

Here’s hoping 2022 shall be a more successful and prosperous year for us all – may you all be healthy, wealthy and wise in the year to come.


SK x

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