Vulnerable Man – A Well Travelled Song.

It’s not every day your song is performed live on the Buenos Aires Underground – have a listen here to the talented Gonza Universo blasting out the riff to ‘Vulnerable Man’ from my 2016 album ‘Vanishing Act’.

Songs are wonderful beings, once they are finished and sent out into the world they can take on a life of their own. For this particular song, which has become a live favourite of mine for my audiences the world over, I’ve also had the good fortune to have the song sung by three incredible and fantastic vocalists:

Ekaterina Chemisova, in this wonderful version by her fantastic Novosibirsk based-band the Street Fiddlers you can watch here

Brownyn Claire Asha, as performed recently on our three European Tours together.

Caro Curci, a beautiful and original talent, who sang the song with me in a recent concert in Buenos Aires alongside the aforementioned Gonza Universo on some blistering blues harp.

And all of this, whilst not forgetting that the video for the song on YouTube, which you can watch here, was filmed by the talented Milos Itic in Nis, Serbia, the only Scottish-Serbian music video collaboration in existence…..for now!

It is safe to say that ‘Vulnerable Man’ is a song that has travelled the world, with and without me, very much the quintessential songwriter’s dream.

Here’s to many more tunes with Gonza Universo on the Buenos Aires Underground (Subte) – :-).

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SK x

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