Temporary Respite…

And so, I write, on what is one of the few occasions I spend a few consecutive weeks in my beloved Scotland, to share with you the news of the past few months, and of exciting ventures for the year ahead.

Hard to believe we are now at the end of March, and I have already begun work on the next album in the studio with Ian McCalman once more. Steady progress is being made for the moment, with the present focus on the completion of the guitar tracks – it is important to do the style which I have developed justice, and ensure the complexities and nuances of the notation are not lost – and so, we are taking good time over this. We are using 3 guitars for 16 tracks – I shall post more about the various guitars (several of you have asked about my guitars – well, now is the time to stay tuned!), including pictures in the weeks to come.

Reaction to ‘A Fine Line’ has been amazing, thanks to everyone who has taken the time to listen and to the many kind reviews and exposure that the music press have given the album. There are still one or two to come in, and once I have these, they will all be up on the site in the reviews section for your perusal.

2014 began with a wonderful tour of Switzerland, and this was followed by a duo tour of Germany and the Netherlands, once again with Iain Gordon MacFarlane on fiddle at the end of February/beginning of March. Both were amongst the most successful tours I have undertaken, and I am excited to be heading out on the road once more in April, taking in the East of Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Leichtenstein – dates as ever are listed on the gigs page.

One problem I am now faced is with the requirement for multiple guitars on tour and how to best satisfy this need when I am travelling alone, and without my car. Any helpful suggestions would be most welcome….

Stay safe, and I hope to see you on the road soon.

SK x

P.S. Rumours have emerged of a renaissance of ‘Man Gone Missing’ – I can neither confirm nor deny such rumours.

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