Herald Review of Vanishing Act. Back Catalogue now on iTunes & Amazon

Hello all,

Thanking you for the reaction to my new album ‘Vanishing Act’, I’ve been delighted by how it’s been received by critics and listeners alike. Last week there was a brilliant review in The Herald which you can read here.

Furthermore, as many of you have been asking, some even demanding, I have finally managed to release most of my material, six albums including the recently released ‘Vanishing Act’, and the instrumental album ‘Estranged’ on iTunes. These can all be found here and also on Amazon.

My gig dates are changing all the time but I can confirm I shall definitely be appearing in Scotland, England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Finland, Estonia and Canada this year.

Thanks, as always, for reading, more from me in due course.

SK x

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