Onwards She Travels

I am proud and delighted to announce the arrival of my new instrumental guitar album ‘Onwards She Travels.’

This is now available to purchase here and at selected upcoming shows.

The text from the insert I include below:

‘Onwards She Travels’ is a love story told through the medium of instrumental guitar music.  The restless desire to travel beats within a young, beautiful woman and she leaves behind all the trappings of her previous existence in pursuit of new adventures.  Initially traumatised by her decision, her now estranged love sets out in earnest to find her, with no knowledge of where she is, guided only by his instincts and his intimate knowledge of her mind.  The long and fruitless search yields nothing, until at the point of conceding defeat in his quest, he finally finds her, and after long and heartfelt discussion they agree to continue their journey together, reunited and as one again.

How, where and when this happens is for you, the listener, to decide, using the music to set the soundscape whilst your imagination sets the landscape.

Simon Kempston, 2017.

See you soon on the road, I hope, and thanks in advance for reading.

SK x

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