Onwards She Travels. New Guitar. Festival 2017. Canada.

Hello All,

Blog readers, thank you for bearing with me as I continually break my monthly promise to update you on all my latest activities. I shall not attempt to make any further promises as this will only lead to more disappointment on both my and your part.

The long-awaited guitar instrumental album ‘Onwards She Travels’ has been mastered, and the artwork is currently in development. I anticipate that this shall be ready at the earliest for my Canadian tour, and if not then in October. Unlike the previous guitar instrumental albums ‘Estranged’ and ‘The Loss of an Unknown’, this shall be receiving a full release, I’m now hoping that there is sufficient demand out there to justify the ambition I’ve shown for this oeuvre of my work!

For a guitarist, the search for a new instrument can often be a fruitless one. Especially once you have spent years developing your own style and approach to the instrument. On a return from a tour in December 2015 as an early Christmas present to myself I met with renowned Scottish guitar luthier Rory Dowling to discuss the possibility of making an instrument to my own personal specifications. After two in-depth and fascinating consultations we reached an agreement on how the instrument was going to look, and more importantly sound, and now, I am finally the proud owner of a custom-made Taran Tirga Beag guitar, a picture of which can be seen here Guitar enthusiasts reading this, please take the time to look at Rory’s site here, you will not be disappointed. And keep an eye out for my new pride and joy at my upcoming shows!

After two months of hard touring across the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Estonia and England I’m now back in my native Scotland about to perform 26 straight nights at the Fringe. For those you who have seen me before, the show is much-changed with many songs from the new album, previewing material from the new instrumental album and of course, a new guitar – ;-). Tickets are available to purchase here

And the day after the Festival finishes I shall fly to Canada to tour over there, no rest for the wicked, but I can’t wait to get back to one of my favourite parts of the world. The dates are listed on my gigs page.

Oh, and lest you were worried, I shall be in the studio soon with songs almost ready for the next album, it’s good to be busy – ;-).

Thanks for reading, more soon, I promise.

SK s

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