On The Road to Liechtenstein…

Well, here I am, about to head to the first new country of the year – Liechtenstein.

The road to Liechtenstein has been an exciting one, and has taken me through stunning Swiss scenery & beautiful German sunshine.  Having performed already in Baden, Basel, St. Gallen, Zurich & Karlsruhe, I’m over halfway through the journey & have rarely enjoyed a tour so much.

The people everywhere have been great – the concerts have been wonderful and the venues all charming & unique in very different ways.

Here’s a photo of me backstage in Zurich – I was so welcomed they even arranged for Coca-Cola to name the bottle after me….

And a more typical one from onstage in Karlsruhe:

Anyway, looking forward to performing in another, different & new part of this incredible continent tomorrow night!

On the album front, final mixes are shaping up well, we are well on course for a late summer/early autumn release, special thanks to all the guys in the studio who to a man performed brilliantly, and above all to a certain Mr Ian McCalman, whose input is always par excellence.

So, an early night for me as I’m on the early train to Leichtenstein but keep tuned here for more news, I swear I will not wait another 4 months before posting.

All the very best, and thanks for taking the time to read.

SK x

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