New Album – You Can’t Win Every Time – Out Now!

Finally, here at last, my new album ‘You Can’t Win Every Time’, available to purchase on this very website here.

I can’t express how delighted and excited I am to share with you all 13 brand new songs all penned by my own fair hand and featuring the wonderful musical talents of Bob Miller, Lars ‘Rebbe’ Rebbestad, Kirsty Miller, Rory MacDonald and Neil D Mart.

The album is released as a CD only for now, complete with lyrics booklet in a lavish 6-panel sleeve, and all copies purchased from the website shop will be signed, and with a personalised message of your choosing as you wish, please just detail this at checkout.

I am extremely happy with how it looks, and am even more happy with how it sounds, which is, of course, the most important thing. I am currently on tour in Europe presenting the songs for the first ever time, in another first with Canadian folk singer and fiddle platyer extraordinaire Bronwyn Claire, who features in the video for the lead single ‘Impunity’ (which you can watch here – please subscribe to the channel). We are both enjoying immensely the opportunity to present these songs on stage to audiences for the first time, and travel onto Switzerland today after a lovely show yesterday afternoon in Gunzburg.

Hope to hear from you soon and thanks as always for your support.

SK x

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