Hand On My Heart. Onwards I Travel? Into The Unknown.

Hello again lovely readers,

First of all, thank you so much to all those who have watched the new video for ‘Hand On My Heart’, you have certainly given me a lot of encouragement and motivation in these lean times for all of us who work in the music industry. If you haven’t seen it yet, then you can watch it here – please do like and share it, in these strange times where musicians can’t travel, tour and perform, we become very much dependent upon social media for exposure. I was naturally very pleased to have amassed 1000 views in under a month, not bad for this housebound humble Scottish troubadour (who to date has been almost entirely dependent upon touring to build momentum). Please do take the next step and subscribe to my channel here, it helps me create more content and would be very much appreciated.

The uncertainty with regards to touring in these strange, disturbing times we must sadly all endure is beyond comprehension. It is an exceptionally turbulent time for the whole industry, who knew that this would continue for so long? I could wax lyrical at length upon this topic but perhaps the main question I would have of Boris Johnson is (and believe me, I would have many) – why are you forgetting the arts in amongst all this?

On a personal note, I intend to travel out to Germany late next month but organising a tour, stressful at the best of times, at the moment is complete and utter mayhem.  Every time I miraculously manage to pick up a show I then lose two from cancellations as fear and financial ruin strikes at the heart of the music industry.

So, I keep my fingers crossed, and remain ever hopeful that the ever deteriorating situation does not affect my travel or touring plans too much. Yet I know that should I do tour, it is going to be a radically different experience from any I have previously encountered.

So please stay tuned, the first concert is due to happen on October the 24th, but before that there will be a significant announcement as I opt for the commercially suicidal decision of releasing an album during the midst of a global pandemic (after releasing a previous one just before the pandemic started!). Though should this continue indefinitely, you shall, of course, be needing new music to discover!

Stay safe and healthy folks, and I very much hope to see some of you in a socially distanced venue soon. Please pay close attention here for details of the release date of the forthcoming album.

Love to you all, and thanks very much for reading.

SK x

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