Simon Kempston
  1. Embankment -:-- / 4:29

I could watch forever and a day,
And face the dangers on your slopes.
Gravel in, gravel out,
Dispels my only hopes.

Stranded on the embankment, staring across the Leader Bridge,
I could shelter alone, though I would worry forthwith.

I feel the rumble on the tracks,
See rabbits scurry to their homes,
A mass of people speeding by,
The noise disrupts my conscious flow

Daring to succeed, what could hold me back?
Forewarned is forearmed, a problem shared a burden halved.

The rain trickles down my face,
The wind it blows gently upon my neck,
A London man Northern bound,
The shining steel bisects the glen

A worthy cause for the impassioned one.
Masterful deceit, an endurance welcomed by some