Simon Kempston
  1. Emily -:-- / 6:04

Don’t hold her to blame, I only hold myself, it’d be futile to pretend otherwise
The sacrifices I’ve made, the fulfillment I’ve craved, has just not materialized
And yet the taste of her tongue, a sweet and beautiful one, is now the only taste I know
I gave her security, I gave her trust and belief, and hoped her love for me would grow

Emily, please come back to me
Emily, please come back to me

Where I used to see joy, now I only see the void, the pillow where her head used to lie
When will my life begin again, free from the pressures and the strains, when will this burden pass me by?
I carry with me failure and guilt, the knowledge that what I thought I had built, was no greater than a sham
The inner strength I had sought, is dismissed by my doubts and thoughts, who can love me for who I am?

When she is holding him, does she feel any remorse within, I’d like to think that somehow she did
I am trying to move on, for the sake of our son, but I will never forgive