Cast-Iron Guarantee

Simon Kempston
  1. Cast-Iron Guarantee -:-- / 5:41

I’d give all I have for your cast iron guarantee,
I’d give up my own salvation, to ensure we both could be free

Though I’d show face and let you down, I never knowingly could
My family’s history I carry with me, relieve me of this burden if you would.

Caught between honour and dishonour, how can I really choose?
But between love and no love, I can only hope your love would override their views.

I promised that I would uphold the family name,
I want them to feel proud of me, not embarrassed or ashamed.

But I cannot imagine a time that I do not want to be with you.
If you give me that guarantee, I will gladly forsake their views.

There are pressures upon you too, the church will not let you live in sin.
Religion has placed these barriers between us; don’t blame those that are caged within.

But faith and family alone do not give me reason to live.
I need more and it’s you, who above all else, I need to be with.