Beckmann and I

Simon Kempston
  1. Beckmann and I -:-- / 6:39

Confronted by a distortion of figure and space,
A brutal intensity, a daunting gaze.
Colours so bold, a reflection of an altered vision.
Staring out from the canvas, bearing a scowl of derision.

In a world insane, here I am faced with a truth,
That cannot be denied, yet cannot be consumed.

The polished forms do not let me withdraw.
Others pass me by, yet I stand mesmerized in awe.
It doesn’t seem real, but yet it somehow is,
A kind of charade, yet with an explosive hit.

In a world unclear, I now find clarity,
Can I draw strength, from the hopeful imagery?

I know I must leave, this scene of self-parody,
Yet I’m still immersed within the twists and ironies.
Granted this encounter, has opened many doors,
Awoken something within, that from now on cannot be ignored.

In a world so uncertain, I cannot find certainty.
Yet at least there is something, that from time to time can lift me.