Somewhat Ambivalent

Simon Kempston
  1. Somewhat Ambivalent -:-- / 4:12

I keep telling her, things are no better than they were,
That these new delights are not a divine right.
Nowadays a young man, has a struggle on his hands,
Just to find work, just to feel worth.

I’m somewhat ambivalent to the free market.
It has not shown itself to be the paradise we were promised.

Our government craves the Euro, though it seems bound for collapse.
Since we first applied to join, several years have elapsed.
So the rules were relaxed for others, but they cannot be relaxed for us,
For me it’s all too complex, I just crave the way it was.

I’m somewhat ambivalent to a new currency.
It has not lead to the paradise they were promised.

My wife loves the freedom, loves to travel abroad.
But I miss the order & respect, which the youth of today abhor.
In our old life no one had much, but everyone had something.
Now some have far too much, whilst others have simply nothing.

I’m somewhat ambivalent to this new way of living.
Two decades on, I know I’d be far happier, the way it used to be.