Careless Interventionist

Simon Kempston
  1. Careless Interventionist -:-- / 5:02

I’m free from the restrictions of company,
I’m free from the boundaries of love,
I’ve taken shelter from those who have hurt me
And I’ve sought refuge from those who I’ve had enough.

And you mistook me for a martyr, not a careless interventionist.
When all I had I’d left behind me, and it was all of my own making.

I’ve stumbled upon my own inner consciousness,
Whilst battling with the foe of self-doubt.
I’m watching my life enter a phase of regression
From which I seem powerless to pull myself out.

I spat upon the streets of London,
And returned to lock myself away in Dundee.
Where only you could track me down
And imprison me in my bleak eternity.

A short walk from where my problems had started,
You revealed what had happened to you since.
My help, sympathy and understanding,
Could not compensate for the time I had missed.