When Will She Learn?

Simon Kempston
  1. When Will She Learn? -:-- / 4:42

She stares out of another coffee shop window,
Sifts through the lies of where she said her time would go.
Fifteen years since she held a job,
Ambition sustained her, rejection long forgot.
When will she learn? When will she learn?

She pores over her lost publishing deal,
The moment it collapsed had been the lowest she would feel.
And since then, there hasn’t been a sniff,
She’s soldiered through apathy, caused many a rift.
When will she learn? When will she learn?

Page after page, her optimism remains,
Her need to create, cannot be constrained.
Too many have tried to upon her place restraints,
Temporary setbacks, she’ll regroup again.

Her husband left her a long time ago,
She despised his pragmatism, he resented her ego.
She channelled all of her hurt into her words,
The more she wrote, the more her recollections blurred,
When will she learn? When will she learn?

Five unfinished manuscripts, strewn across the floor,
Give her four more weeks, she’ll have the one they’ve been waiting for…