The Consequences of a Kiss

Simon Kempston
  1. The Consequences of a Kiss -:-- / 2:35

I first kissed her there, the City Square, on New Year’s Eve,
We courted for a few weeks, kept it discrete, but then she conceived.

The thoughts of fatherhood scared me,
I didn’t want responsibility.
She asked me could I abandon our child,
If I did the decision was mine to reconcile.

So we fell apart, two disparate hearts, one April morn.
I took the first train south, London bound, nervous, forlorn.

Waved Glasgow goodbye, I’d flown the nest,
My next connection carried me west.
Found myself a job on a Somerset farm,
I’d cavort, drink & play, like any young man.

Despite my resolute plan, this single man, fell in love.
Against my instincts, my will, I felt fulfilled, and we were as one.

Married beneath the September rain,
Made a home together, no stress or strain.
Her family treated me like one of their own,
And so it came to pass, that she bore me three sons.

Now, I’d all but forgot, my bonnie Scot, from years ago.
One afternoon, the doorbell rang, my eldest ran, I was too slow.

Saw two figures through my front door,
Heard one ask for me as I paced across the floor.
A small boy looked up, offered me a smile,
I knew then who they were, and what I had to reconcile….