She Saw It Coming

Simon Kempston
  1. She Saw It Coming -:-- / 4:23

I did not know him well, I have no insight I can tell,
Of course I knew the name, of his reputation and fame.
So I was unaware of his plight, when he came to the villa that night,
He was fuelled by alcohol, jealousy and vitriol.

Insulted all present, we thought his mind he’d lost,
Left only to return, to his wife accost,
To his wife’s cost.

She saw it coming, she saw his eyes,
She saw it coming, these things can’t be disguised.

First, his host he did assault, with whom he’d long found fault,
His wife was to be next, for whom he’d lost respect.
Four shots at her were fired, before he was overpowered,
Tied him up once he was disarmed, handed him to the gendarmes.

No explanation did anyone discover,
My sister suffered deeply, though when she did recover, she whispered to me.

I saw it coming, I saw his eyes,
I saw it coming, such things can’t be disguised.

And when the case was brought to court, my testament they sought,
The media hordes descended, his actions uncomprehended.
When he was forced to retire, the adulation disappeared,
Was his need to be adored, something he could not ignore?

The moment that his anger unmasked the pretense,
Was when he shed the many, who’d have come to his defence,
They’d still whisper.

We saw it coming, we saw his eyes,
We saw it coming, these things can’t be disguised.