A Heroes’ Reception

Simon Kempston
  1. A Heroes’ Reception -:-- / 2:37

Gave ourselves scant regard,
Thoughts of defeat we’d discard,
Our hand forced by a sudden death,
To ensure no more blood was shed.

Six armed men, five were killed,
Hostages showed great courage and will.
The action that we took,
History shows we were not mistook.

I hold no personal regrets,
The lives we saved have been lives well led.
The men that died were better off dead,
With a heroes’ reception we were met.

I recall with great pride
The operation once inside
Hours of training had come to this.
One moment, we just couldn’t miss.

Those who wish that we had delayed,
What decision would you have made?
One innocent lost is one too much
But a terrorist slain is surely just?