To Be With You

Simon Kempston
  1. To Be With You -:-- / -:--

You were lonely when you came to me
I was searching for clarity
Something greater in the mystery
Of you
Been foolish to ignore the spark
I suggested that we embark
On an adventure with an upwards arc
Or bid adieu

If you are the lover, I have sought, begin anew
If I have to suffer, would matter not, I’d gladly do
What I had to, to be with you
What I had to, to be with you

I was patient, I waited long
Knew that I should remain strong
Offer my heart in this song
To you
You were quiet when I asked to speak
Could sense that you were unique
Captivated by your mystique
I withdrew

Fell in deeper than I wanted to
Had no choice it seems neither you
Only one thing we could do
Be true
The future we cannot tell
Let’s be honest with ourselves
Things should turn out pretty well
If we do