Still So Far To Go

Simon Kempston
  1. Still So Far To Go -:-- / -:--

Watching and waiting, trying to figure out
Can be deflating, trying to conquer doubt
Could be that you’re hurting, something from the past
A little disconcerting, not knowing if it will last

You find it hard to see, find it hard to know
How you’re supposed to be, but there’s still so far to go

Don’t change your way of thinking or let them change your mind
If others see you’re sinking, tell them you’re on the rise
Don’t be scared of fighting, but rather keep the peace
Though it can be exciting, one hell of a release

Sometimes you feel so bad it’s out of control
Sometime you feel so sad, can’t be consoled
Sometimes you feel so low, there’s no making you smile
Sometimes you just can’t show, the depths of your denial

Don’t feel like dying, or lose the will to live
Forever weeping, crying, with nothing left to give
Older but no wiser, young enough to hope
Trying to decipher if you can really cope