The End Of It All

Simon Kempston
  1. The End Of It All -:-- / -:--

There was poison in the air, felt I couldn’t share
What was on my mind, what was on mind
Disputes, grievances, misjudged allegiances
Cheques were left unsigned, cheques left unsigned

Success came thick and fast, failure followed quick
Knew it couldn’t last, the dirt it would stick
The end of it all
How did we fall?
The end of it all

We were ruthless to begin, in business it’s no sin
How else to get ahead, how else to get ahead
Undercut, overpriced, underwaged, didn’t think twice
Deadwood we had to shed, deadwood we’d shed

Nigh on destitute, ourselves we’d prostitute
Nearly paid with our lives, paid with our lives
Collapsed economy, begged for subsidy
Last bid to survive, keep the flame alive