Forever Take The Blame

Simon Kempston
  1. Forever Take The Blame -:-- / -:--

Beaten indecision, ignored all sense of doubt, followed the path I chose
Silenced all derision, blocked the hatred out, to every challenge I rose

If you don’t stand up, you’ll never stand a chance, always be the same
So raise your hand up, have to take a stance, or forever take the blame
Forever take the blame

Nothing good comes easy, or without a fight, don’t fear adversity
Never think too deeply, of the wrong or right, don’t fear uncertainty

I’ve begged, I’ve borrowed, I’ve piqued and plateaued
I’ve worried, I’ve wallowed, I’ve failed to follow hope

Conquered all my demons, wouldn’t say they’re gone, just in captivity
Thankful for the healing, those who I count on, avoid negativity