Better Not Care

Simon Kempston
  1. Better Not Care -:-- / -:--

Don’t know how to tell her, don’t know where to start
Everything I say is wrong
She changes like the weather, it’s pulling us apart
Just dig in and carry on

Rise up, fall down, all in all out, better not care
Time’s up, lights out, done in, put down, better not care

Tried to look for reasons, tried to look for truth
Maybe I will never know
Maybe there’s no pleasing, maybe there’s no rules
Least I gave it a go

Hard to explain, lest you’ve felt the same
Don’t mind the pain, more the anger and shame
Could be worse, could be alone
So let’s find this curse, send this evil home

Don’t know how to give up, that’s not who I am
Resilience is my middle name
Can’t see how we’d split up, it’s not in the plan
Braced for more of the same