Man Gone Missing

Beyond Desolate is the best blues release I’ve heard this year; devastatingly sincere, and, thanks to its evocation of church music and Scottish folk, also entirely unique.
Joe Barton
The Skinny
Super cool blues in a John Martyn meets Chris Rea at a dobro festival vein….listen to ‘Burn You’ as a complete piece and you will be in for a treat as the mood swings take you on a slow walk through mist strewn mountains and valleys followed by sunrises over waterfalls and romantic walks hand in hand along barren beaches
Alan Harrison
Maverick Magazine
Beautifully authentic guitar style & heartfelt vocal
Tom Robinson
BBC Radio 6
Subtle, lingering guitar & a voice like Jeff Buckley on downers, as delicate as a person’s self-image. ‘Beyond Desolate’ is an album that appears so simple and is yet so compelling, affecting, and most of all charming – it takes real talent and confidence in one so young, to so exquisitely express that most profound of all truths; less is more’
Blues in Britain
Currie’s plangent upper-register crooning, the shimmer and whine of his spare guitar accompaniments, along with the echoing church space, generate a high and lonesome melancholy on ‘Burn You’….there are gripping moments: the hypnotically chiming guitar and mewling blues harp behind Relief, just a hint of plainchant echoes over the brooding stealth of the guitar in the title track and Currie’s poignant keening in unison with slide guitar in the closing Silence. The effect is pared-down, raw and haunting, with an undoubted whiff of classic blues
Jim Gilchrist
The Scotsman
The sparse beautiful bleakness of the songs work their way inside you. They may not be from the Delta, but, my goodness, they owe every gut-wrenching bit of sadness to that area. Beyond Desolate is a brilliant debut album
Blues Matters Magazine
The songs give you goosebumps on the goosebumps
Cherrie McIlwaine
BBC Radio Ulster
Currie’s singing is reminiscent of early John Martyn and the guitar playing is clear sounding, attractive and imaginative. Having often reflected on the paucity of the Scottish Blues Scene, Currie might help revitalise things north of the border – this is one artist to watch
Blues & Rhythm Magazine