Vulnerable Man

Simon Kempston
  1. Vulnerable Man -:-- / 3:01

Why do you say my lover will leave me?
Why do you say it’s out of my hands?
How will all of my friends perceive me?
When there’s nothing left but the shell of a man

Who are you with your premonitions?
Who are you, can’t you leave me in peace?
I can’t abide supposition
When will these rumours cease?

Cold sweats, complete paranoia
Can’t trust a person I meet
I wish I could find someone loyal
Now I’m certain she is a cheat

How did you plough through the turmoil?
How did you manage to sleep?
Every woman around me recoils
They see the damage is embedded deep

Now I know my lover will leave me
Now I know, it’s out of my hands
I shoulder the burden of hostility
I face reality a vulnerable man