Vanishing Act

Simon Kempston
  1. Vanishing Act -:-- / 2:51

I know I’m not to blame, yet you’re blaming me
You tell yourself the same, now you’re shaming me
There’s madness in your father’s eyes, he’s not from this world
No room for compromise, after the insults you’ve hurled

Bitter, angry, you’ll rest upon revenge
Please understand me, I only want this to end

Is there anything you won’t do, to create more misery?
The lengths that you’ve gone to, erase our history
You crave the unknown, and others’ lives you ruin
I wander alone, though this is not of my doing

Hurting, angry, I’ve had enough
Please understand me, I don’t know how to play rough

Credit to your many friends, who’ve helped with your vanishing act
The vicious letters you send, I long for you to retract
As the hunter becomes the hunted, do you think you have the skill?
To react when you’re confronted, move in for the kill

Bitter, angry, seems like this will never end
Please understand me, before the black mist descends