Sense of Abandon

Simon Kempston
  1. Sense of Abandon -:-- / 5:41

When this clandestine world implodes, I seek refuge,
From the politics of sin and the ugliness of youth
Set upon, time ravaged, how could I deny?
That temptation was everywhere, it need only catch my eye

She had a seductive sense of abandon that fascinated me
Words I’d pay to hear had never been given so easily
Like the fool that I am, I doubted excitement could befall me,
Nothing does.

Advice is of no use, as instinct will prevail
And despite my best intentions, I did surely fail
A telling smile, a knowing glance, I’m in unchartered territory
And just a short while later, I discover her fragility

Haunted by her passion, I struggled to breathe
A closeness forbidden, a union in deceit
With just a sheet wrapped around her, she wept inconsolably
As did I.

But the sense of guilt which ensued, prompted me to leave
A myriad of upset, the height of lust and human greed
I mean her no harm, far less harm to myself
The price for a night in heaven is in eternity in hell

An acceptance of failure, a willingness to repent
I hope she lives life as she wishes, not live it with regret
She will always remember this, but will she find contentedness
And can I?

When this clandestine world implodes, I seek refuge
From the politics of sin, and the irrationality of youth