Our Futures Shall Follow

Simon Kempston
  1. Our Futures Shall Follow -:-- / 5:04

The young man gesticulates to his eager colleague,
Who screams back knowledge is not power, unless it is in the right hands.
The young man nods in agreement, this day has been a disaster,
Let’s hope our boys get their man.

Must raise the stakes by close of play today,
Or with the going down of the sun, our futures shall follow.

A mercenary, a war criminal, it is claimed,
Countless men and women has this dictator tortured, killed or maimed
Too much already depends on the course of action this man has taken,
Land gained or lost is but the least of his concerns.

But wait, shocking news has broken, this dictator has been captured,
What price was given for this eventuality?
Although confident the resistance was weakening,
A name of such magnitude so soon, did not seem within the grasp of our own men,

The young men exclaimed in delight, this will go down as a famous victory,
The camp is now buoyant, let the celebrations come alive.
This is a special unit, capable of so much,
Not yet is there a need to reopen the book of lost lives.