Lattice of Wrought Iron

Simon Kempston
  1. Lattice of Wrought Iron -:-- / 4:08

Trapped underneath this lattice of wrought iron,
With droves of people queued up in endless, twisting lines.
Each face a mixture of wonder and amazement,
What hope have I of penetrating their minds?

Now all I have is what you see laid before you,
Surely you can’t help but admire the craftsmanship involved.
This particular model has been made to scale,
And for such a generous price it could be yours to hold.

What’s say you buy from me, a little piece of my country?
What’s say you buy from me, the best bargain you’ll ever see.

The night is long and the pressure it weighs heavy,
And I’ve not long finished working a difficult day.
My body bears the bruises and suffers the punishment,
But it’s a sacrifice to give my children the life they crave.

Within ten years I would like to move to the suburbs,
To a modest house of which my lady can be proud.
If I keep working hard, I’m confident the rewards will come.
And if I don’t succeed, then maybe others will show me how.