How We Once Were

Simon Kempston
  1. How We Once Were -:-- / 4:36

How can I convince you, love, of my sincerity
Why is it you doubt me so when I swore I would never deceive?
This peaceful night does me no favours, nor do the strangers passing by
The streetlights illuminate your thoughts and allow me behind your eyes

Tell me, what can I say to you
To erase the image of an infidels
Can we cast this burden away from us
Can we let us return to how we once were?

Do you remember that night at the TV Tower when you turned 23?
You held me close in front of everyone and swore forever we would be
Look at me now, a shivering wreck, shaking and quivering in fear
I could never scar those memories for I hold them much too dear

Tell me, who’s poisoned your mind with these words
Who’s allowed these rumours to thrive?
It matters not if you can’t find it in you to
Let us return to how you once were

I sense you’ve reached finality, from your decision you will not be swayed
When I try to wrap you in my arms, you turn hurriedly away
The car door slams shut and banishes my hopes into the cool night air
And I can only watch solemnly as your silhouette disappears

Tell me, where does my future lie
Now that you’ve broken our union
I will never stop hoping you’ll
Let us return to how we once were