Black Dawn

Simon Kempston
  1. Black Dawn -:-- / 3:54

Black dawn, greets the dimming of my eyes,
Your poor welcome, takes me a little by surprise.
A long distance, I have travelled to see your face,
And yet you disappoint me within one gaze.

Don’t move love, no don’t stand up.
Don’t back down, no, don’t stand down for me.
Stay where you are, I won’t go far,
Just keep calm and just keep sane for me.

The stars and sky start to coalesce,
As you and I begin to digress.
It’s not the future, but the past we must dissect,
A scream of fury, a whisper of regret.

It would seem our words now carry little weight,
For you cannot see beyond your own fate.
I cannot help you though I thought I could.
Indeed, I’ll leave, before I turn on you.

I better move now, I better move fast.
I better not leave a trace of where I’ve been.
A chance meeting, now a chance parting,
Just please keep calm and please stay sane for me.