Bonus Track – All For The Love Of You

Simon Kempston
  1. Bonus Track – All For The Love Of You -:-- / -:--

Thought I was healing, beginning to tire
Words are revealing, unveil the liar
Flame is expiring, will it survive?
We need inspiring to keep it alive

Meeting was the easy part, now there’s work to do
I know I will give my heart all for the love of you

It’s never-ending, we just can’t agree
Always defending, you attacking me
My spirit is broken, can it be fixed?
Words we have spoken, brought us to the brink

I’ll stop my antics, staying out late
Being pedantic, becoming irate
You could be kinder, listen much more
Stop the reminders, slower to the draw

We shouldn’t worry, shouldn’t pretend
Not every story has a happy end
No need to hurry, have to stay close
We could say sorry before tempers go