What Goes On Inside

Simon Kempston
  1. What Goes On Inside -:-- / -:--

How could they turn on me
With no evidence at all?
Would I keep my sanity?
Was I destined to fall?

It’s not the staring in the street
The falseness when we greet
The tension when we meet
But what goes on inside

Nothing I could say or do
Wherever I was seen
Once they beat me black and blue
On my daily routine

It’s not the bruises, they will heal
Name calling’s no big deal
Nothing affects how I feel
But what goes on inside

When everyone I held close, deserts in time of need
Most even thought a threat I’d pose, of rumours they took heed

Thanks to the few who stayed true
Backed me to the hilt
How can I repay you
For knowing I had no guilt?

Your belief was absolute
Of my innocence you had no doubt
You are the living proof of what goes on inside