Time Now To Go

Simon Kempston
  1. Time Now To Go -:-- / -:--

Life that was there, has now all gone
Without a care, we must move on
Yet we have lost all we knew
At great cost to the wealthy few

These are difficult times
Money to be made in the mines
We saw the warning signs
Time now to go

We pack our things, and question why
The doorbell rings, we say goodbye
Uproot our homes, our families
Left all alone, no community

Offer too great to refuse
Despite opposing views
Some had nothing to lose
Time now to go

Mixture of lies, the hard sell
Noone denies, they paid us well
We were just pawns in a wider game
Could have fought on to our great shame

Money will always come first
Now that folks have dispersed
For the last to leave it’s the worst
Time now to go