Run With You Darling

Simon Kempston
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How to share a burden, how to share a life
How to test the boundaries of faith
When nothing feels certain, anxiety is rife
Sanctuary seems far away

Once bitten, twice shy, three times a fool
I’ll never know why I broke the golden rule
So I’ll run with you darling, I’ll run with you darling
I’ll run with you darling tonight

I’m never free of hassle, can never work in peace
Always in the wrong company
Try to grip and grapple, but I’ll never cease
Until I’m where I’m meant to be

Critics know nothing, don’t dare to dream
Don’t give them something, the ones that could not be

I can be relentless, a temper furious
Boredom can cause me to stray
But if you can battle bedlam, stave off loss
Perhaps we’ll find our way