Mohammad’s Story

Simon Kempston
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Don’t wait till the morning, just leave here now
Please heed this warning, escape somehow
My legs were shaking, whole body trembled
Heart was breaking as the line assembled

Thought of her words as I boarded the plane
Spirit in me stirred, I walked free of the chains

Taking my first steps
Leaving my brethren
Chasing a new life again

Took a boat from Turkey, lost fuel out at sea
With land far away, boat we had to flee
Midst the cries of panic, helped all I could
Fear of drowning I banished, as anyone would

Exhausted, collapsed upon Greek shores
Was fed, strapped, couldn’t walk anymore

The hard journey continued, unrelenting and intense
The task before me, seemed way too immense
Travelled through four countries, less steady on my feet
Serbian Guards stopped me, had me battered and beat

Every foreign land, tested my strength and will
Struggling even to stand, began to feel ill
Drew on God’s reserve to bring me close
Held my fading nerve when I needed it the most

In Munich I arrived, had nothing more to give
A miracle I’d survived, now somewhere to live