Broken Before

Simon Kempston
  1. Broken Before -:-- / -:--

Don’t fight for clamour, I fight for love
No glitz or glamour inside my left glove
Mind stays focussed on the job ahead
Crowd swarms like locusts, I’m calm in my head
Can’t think of dangers, the perils or ills
Find the gamechanger, I have the skills
Cornerman tries to boost my morale
Screams and he cries to ‘give it my all’

Breaking, I’ve been broken before
Aching, shaken to the core
I’ll rise to the test, I’ll give my best
That’s what I’ve been paid for

They match me with men who are fast and young
Plough on in vain, a hero unsung
Can’t rival the speed, can’t rival the youth
Bruise and I bleed, another smashed tooth
Can’t show that I’m hurt or that I feel pain
Must come through the worst, then come again
Take a beating, more punishment
Pencil defeat in, assist their assent

Wife cannot watch, she stays at home
Duck and I dodge, it’s all I have known
One hundred fights, towel’s never come in
Survived every night, retirement’s beckoning