Your Breaking Heart

Simon Kempston
  1. Your Breaking Heart -:-- / -:--

You might have the answers to every question asked
Yet it’s you who sets me my hardest task
You might be the lover I’ve always desired
You’re still the reason, I’m frustrated, tired

Where I’m standing, don’t know where to turn
I’m heavy-handed, don’t think I’ll ever learn
Learn from my mistakes
Every time your heart breaks

I may be the cause of most arguments
But I’m the one who’s first to repent
The one who makes decisions, who can’t settle down
Looks over my shoulder, for the escape route I’m bound

Friends have called time on our tragic scene
Never destined to raise family
I know that they can see through me
A window to my past

We might be lacklustre, no fight or fire left
Fools for not knowing when the time to end is best
Strangers in the future, some say we’re strangers now
We’ll never see one another after the final blow